Pelisa Energy is a nonprofit social enterprise that aims to close the energy gap in Central Africa by supplying solar-powered technologies that have immediate benefits to health, education, and livelihoods. Pelisa Energy imports, distributes, retails and donates small-solar equipment to households, hospitals, schools and businesses in Congo-Brazzaville. Pelisa was founded by Kiazi Malonga, a Congolese-American raised with deep cultural connections to Central Africa and an educational and professional background in the power industry, sustainable development and international relations.



Energizing A New Day for Congo

‘Pelisa’ means ‘to bring the light’ in Congo’s Lingala language, and Pelisa Energy was established with the firm belief that Congo-Brazzaville is on the brink of a solar-powered revolution. Our aim is to bring best-in-class solar technology to customers at the base of the economic pyramid, improving livelihoods, health and education.



Support Pelisa in our efforts to bridge the energy gap in Central Africa by purchasing an energy system that will be donated to a local medical clinic, school or orphanage.