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The Republic of Congo (Congo-Brazzaville) continues to face limited access to modern energy services that disproportionately affects its poor families. In Congo’s urban areas, 26% of the population is still without access to electricity, and even for those who do have power, transit capacity is weak, transmission network conditions are poor and power supply is frequently disrupted. For these families, basic energy needs are met mainly through burning kerosene, firewood and agricultural residues.


In addition to being costly and environmentally damaging, burning these fuels indoors can lead to range of health problems In the last generation, small-scale solar have emerged as a market-based solution to remote energy access, and many African countries have experienced an explosion in the demand for this technology. Until recently, however, Central Africa’s market has been hindered by civil unrest and economic downturn.


Recognizing that these barriers are now removed, Pelisa Energy has emerged as the first enterprise to offer small solar technologies to Congo’s off-grid communities.

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