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Second Retail Space Opens, August 23, 2019!

We opened our second retail space at Marche Total, the largest open air market in Congo. With this new initiative, Pelisa Energy has aligned our sales strategy with the local shopping culture, and meeting our customers on their turf! We plan to continue expanding our presence to the major open air markets in and around Brazzaville by 2020.

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Brazzaville Storefront and Office Grand Opening, April 24th 2019

The grand opening of our retail and office space in Brazzaville was a huge success. Attended by the mayor of Moungali, hundreds of community members and covered by Tele Congo, this opening brought us one step closer to bridging the energy gap for Congo. Opening attendees were able to browse our store and discuss our solar products with Pelisa’s sales staff. The store is open from 8 am - 7 pm, Monday through Saturday at 35 Rue Madingou in Moungali Brazzaville.


Marketing Campaign Launches with Tele Congo and Radio Congo

We successfully launched a national marketing campaign via Tele Congo and Radio Congo that included TV spots and radio commercials in all three national languages: Lingala, Kituba and French. Following the launch of this campaign, our storefront experience a huge uptick in phone calls and saw a 500% increase in visitors! These partnerships with Tele Congo and Radio Congo will support our ongoing marketing campaign and as Pelisa grows we will continue to explore additional outreach options including continuing to partner with local artists at our events throughout the country.